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Tree Climbing Program Costs

The cost of implementing and running a tree climbing program is much less than similar adventure activities (e.g., a challenge course or climbing wall).
  • Trees are everywhere and there is no construction required.
  • Inexpensive up-front investment.
  • Many climbers for each facilitator (up to 12).
  • Low maintenance costs.
Total costs for starting a full tree climbing program:
Number of
Small     6   $8,600
Medium   10$11,300
Large   16$15,350

These program costs are calculated by adding the base fee to the number of climbing stations:
Base Fee = $4,550
  • Tree preparation: evaluate and select a tree, remove deadwood and prune for climbing purposes.
  • Gear for:
    • Lead facilitator
    • Assistant facilitator
    • Climbing program essentials (e.g. chest harness, throw line, etc.)
  • Train the lead facilitator in tree climbing techniques, rescue, conducting tree climbing programs, etc.
Participant Gear = $675 per Climbing Station
All gear necessary for participants who are climbing (rope, harness, helmet, etc.) plus extra gear for participants on the ground getting ready to climb and for observers and other personnel.
Example: Base program fee: $4,550 + 10 climbing stations: $6,750 = $11,300 Total.

Details and Options: Read on if you want a better understanding of how these fees are calculated or if you want to know about additional services (e.g., training more than 1 facilitator).
The following components make up the base program fee ($4,550):
  • Tree Preparation: Maximum of $500 for the first tree. Includes searching for and selecting a tree, climbing to remove deadwood and prune for recreational climbing purposes, clearing below the tree if necessary, selecting and marking anchor points. etc. Cost may be reduced for trees that require lesser amounts of work or if the client performs some of the work.
    • Client performs some of the work (e.g., clearing) to reduce the fee.
    • If the tree requires less work then the fee is lower.
    • Prepare an additional tree at the same location for a maximum of $400.
  • Base Program Gear: $2,050 outfits 1 lead facilitator plus 1 assistant facilitator and provides essentials for program operation.
    • Full gear set for an additional lead facilitator: $1,450.
    • Gear minus rope for an additional lead facilitator: $1,080.
  • Training: $2,000 to train 1 lead facilitator (4 days). The lead facilitator is trained in tree climbing techniques, rescue procedures, facilitating and conducting tree climbing programs, working with and training assistants, etc.
      Training more than 1 facilitator:
    • Train 2 lead facilitators for $2,500 total
    • Train 3 lead facilitators for $2,900 total
    • Train 4 lead facilitators for $3,300 total
    • A maximum of 4 lead facilitators may be trained in 1 course. An extra day is added to the course, for a total of 5 days, when there is more than 1 trainee.
      Training experienced facilitators:
      Those facilitator trainees with prior experience (1) as challenge course facilitators, (2) assisting with a tree climbing program, or (3) climbing for work or recreation, will usually require less training than the entire facilitator training course. Adventure Tree offers shortened courses at reduced prices for trainees with prior experience.
Climbing station gear is added to the base program fee to find the total cost: $675 per climbing rope station (sold in pairs for $1,350 per pair). These kits provide all gear necessary for participants who are climbing plus extra gear for participants on the ground getting ready to climb and for observers and other personnel.
      A Super System has extra mechanical advantage and uses pulleys to reduce effort for participants who need a little extra help. Helpful for any size program and recommended for programs with 10 climbing rope stations or more.
    • Obtain a Super System upgrade for a regular climbing station for an added cost of $325 by substituting an extra long rope and XL harness, and by adding the Super System hardware and lanyard.
    • Add a full Super System climbing rope station (instead of upgrading a regular station) for $850. Includes an extra long rope, XL harness, Super System hardware and lanyard, helmet, gloves, carabiner and all other components of a climbing station.
Travel expenses: The cost of travel to the site plus lodging and meals is added to the total cost. At a camp, lodging and meals are usually provided at camp facilities thus keeping costs low. For a school, youth group, nature center, etc. often a teacher or leader can provide housing.
In the event that air travel is required (i.e., it is impractical to drive) then it will be necessary to either borrow or rent a small chainsaw (must be in good operating condition) in order to perform tree work.

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