Your Adventure Tree
Resources for Adventure Tree Climbing Programs

Gear Logging
These gear log templates help to keep track of gear inspections and maintanance. Life-support gear must be carefully managed, periodically inspected, and then removed from service when appropriate.

Electronic Gear Log
For keeping track of gear on your computer.
Printable Gear Log
For keeping a written gear log.
Instructions for Gear Log
Instructions for maintaining gear logs using these templates.

Information Documents

Road Map to Start a Tree Climbing Program
An informational flyer that lays out the steps to starting a program.
Describes the benefits of an Adventure Tree Climbing program.
American Camp Association Standards
The ACA standards that apply to tree climbing programs.


Waiver and Photo Release


Tie the Flemish Bend
Tie a Triple Crown Footloop
Tie the Knut Hitch
Assemble a Positioning Lanyard
Attach Positioning Lanyard to Saddle
Tie a Split-Tail that has 2 Loops
Attach the Split-Tail to Your Saddle

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