Tree Climbing Program at Camp
Why tree climbing in camps?

Part of the camp experience is the opportunity to be immersed in the natural world, and we can't think of a better way to make that connection than through a tree. Who doesn't have fond memories of climbing a tree or hiding under the boughs of a favorite conifer? It's just that simple, people love trees and should have the opportunity to connect in this unique way.

Recreational tree climbing is a way for campers to have the safe experience of climbing into the tree tops. Most climbing trees have branches so high they are impossible to climb without ropes and harnesses, which makes the climb even more thrilling. During the climb most climbers experience overcoming fears and developing a sense of self-reliance and pride as they learn to use arborist techniques to ascend into the treetops.

Find out more about why tree climbing is such a great fit for camps in Tree Climbing for Camps and Schools.

If your camp doesn’t have adventure programs then tree climbing is a great place to start. If your camp does have adventure programs then tree climbing is a natural addition.

It's easy and inexpensive to get a tree climbing program started at your camp. Adventure Tree will help you select and prepare a tree, acquire the right gear, and train your tree climbing facilitators and staff. Then your camp provides tree climbs to your campers.

The steps are described in the Road Map to a Tree Climbing Program.

Contact Guy Mott at Adventure Tree to discuss the opportunities available for your camp. Or take a look at the First Steps page to see how to get started.

Click here to find out about the American Camp Association standards that apply to Adventure Tree Climbing programs.

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