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Road Map to Starting a Tree Climbing Program

3 Step Road Map to Starting a Tree Climbing Program
  1. Select and Prepare a Tree
  2. Obtain Gear
  3. Train the Lead Facilitator and Staff
Start Climbing and Having Fun

Adventure Tree guides you from the beginning to a fully implemented and operating program.

Detailed info for the 3 steps:
  1. Select a Strong Tree with Spreading Branches (see First Steps)
    • The tree could be at your site or at a park, school, camp or woodland nearby.
    • Adventure Tree's Certified Arborist helps select and prepare the tree.
    • Dead wood is removed for safety, and then anchor points for ropes are identified.
  2. Acquire the Climbing Gear
    • Start small or large; you can add more gear later.
    • Adventure Tree provides high quality gear packages.
    • The facilitator trainee puts the gear into service under the guidance of Adventure Tree.
  3. Adventure Tree Trains the Lead Facilitator(s) and Support Staff
    • Facilitator candidates should be capable, physically fit and responsible.
    • Training for 1 facilitator requires 4 consecutive days. For 2-4 facilitators, 5 total days are required.
    • The new facilitator conducts at least 2 practice tree climbing events during training.
    • All training is conducted at your site with your climbing tree and gear.
  4. You're Now Ready to Provide Fun and Exciting Tree Climbs for Your Participants
    • Adventure Tree assesses the facilitator and the program throughout the training and implementation. Upon successful completion, Adventure Tree certifies the tree climbing program.
    • Adventure Tree stays in touch for support.

Ready to get started? Take a look at the First Steps.

See the Costs page for info about fees.

Here is a downloadable Road Map document.

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